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The authors would like to thank the following colleagues who have reviewed the text and provided comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material:

  • Ecrument Aksoy, Los Angeles Valley College
  • Becca Arnold, San Diego Community College
  • Bevin Ashenmiller, Occidental College
  • Diana Bajrami, College of Alameda
  • Michael Haupert, University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse
  • Fritz Laux, Northeastern State University
  • James Ranney, Pima Community College
  • Brian Rosario, American River College
  • Lynda M. Rush, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

We thank Jahiz Barlas, Mariesa Herrmann, Mhairi Hopkins, Heidy Maritza, Marjan Middelhoff-Cobben, and Kai Zhang, who provided outstanding research assistance during the preparation of this textbook. Eleanor Cooper, Jason DeBacker, Huacong Liu, and Shreemoy Mishra provided numerous comments and suggestions that improved our presentation and content.

Lori Cerreto and Vanessa Gennarelli at Unnamed Publisher have done a skillful job of shepherding this book through to completion; we are very grateful indeed for all their efforts.

We extend particular thanks to Joyce M. R. Cooper for her contributions in the early stages of this project. Joyce Cooper played an integral role in the development of the ideas for this book.