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First to all the QuirkStars who have made this happen the third time around—this project wouldn’t have been possible without you. Particular acknowledgment goes to the following:

  • Sarah Blake
  • Katharina Scholtz
  • Daniel Neville
  • Mari Basson
  • Lyndi Lawson
  • Dianne Shelton
  • Kathryn Sharfman
  • Scott Gray
  • Claire McGuinness
  • Sue Cilliers
  • Gavin Dale
  • Grant McLachlan
  • Emma Drummond
  • Daniel Kolossa
  • Peter Lehto
  • Sarah Manners
  • Shaun Oakes
  • Craig Raw
  • Sophia Raw
  • Tim Shier
  • Louw Swart
  • Krystle Lange
  • Emma Carpenter
  • Leila Davies

Special thanks to the following, who are not QuirkStars but who have given so generously of their time and knowledge anyway: