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1.7 Web Exercise

Learning Objective

  1. Find pronunciation of terms using an online dictionary.

Use an Online Audio Pronunciation Aid

One of the problems with learning a new vocabulary in an online class is that you do not get to hear the instructor pronounce the terms. If the pronunciation is not obvious from the spelling, it can be embarrassing if you say the word incorrectly. Fortunately, several online dictionaries have features that say the word. You must have speakers or headphones attached to the computer, and they must be enabled.

How to Use an Online Audio Pronunciation Aid

  1. Obtain speakers or headphones and plug them into the audio output jack on your computer. The location of this jack on computers varies greatly, but it is usually green as shown in Figure 1.10 "Audio Output Ports on Three Computers".

    Figure 1.10 Audio Output Ports on Three Computers

  2. Enable the speaker output. In Windows computers, look for a speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen. If the speakers/headphone jack is turned off, it will have the universal symbol for “No” on it. If that is the case, double-click the icon and remove the check mark next to Mute to enable the speaker output. The icon displays without the “No” symbol.
  3. Use your web browser to go to
  4. In the Search box, type synchronous and then click the Search button.
  5. The term is displayed with a phonetic spelling and a speaker icon, as shown in Figure 1.11 "Pronunciation Option in an Online Dictionary".

    Figure 1.11 Pronunciation Option in an Online Dictionary

  6. To the right of the word, click the speaker icon. You should be able to hear the pronunciation through the speakers or headphones.
  7. Capture a screen that shows the dictionary definition of synchronous and then paste it into a word processing document.
  8. Review your work and use the following rubric to determine its adequacy:

    Element Best Adequate Poor
    File name N/A
    Used an online audio aid to learn to pronounce terms correctly Used a browser to open an online dictionary that has an audio feature for pronouncing terms that is indicated by an icon Same as Best Choice of a website that does not include audio pronunciations or has an inability to activate the audio output
  9. Submit evidence of completion as directed by the instructor.