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1.6 Exercises

Individual Exercise

Create an Action Plan for Developing Your OB Skills

  1. Hopefully you have already completed reading this chapter. If not, wait until you’ve done so to complete this individual exercise.
  2. If you have not done so already, please take the learning styles survey at
  3. In addition, please be sure you have reviewed the table of contents for this organizational behavior textbook.
  4. What themes do you see? How do you think these topics affect your interactions with others? How might your learning style affect how you’ll approach this course? Have you ever considered journaling as a technique for self-improvement and reflection?
  5. Now, write down five action steps that you plan to take as you work through this book. Refer to these steps throughout the term and modify them as needed.

Group Exercise

Best Job–Worst Job

  1. Please think about the best and worst jobs you have ever had. If you have never had a job, think of a school project instead. What made the job or project great or horrible?
  2. Now get into a small group of students and share your experience with them. Listen to what others are saying and see if you see any themes emerge. For example, what are the most common features of the best jobs? What are the most common features of the worst jobs?