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We want to thank Margaret Lannamann and Brett Guidry for doing such a great job keeping all the balls in the air, and Jeff Shelstad and Eric Frank for having the vision and persistence to bring Unnamed Publisher into being, and their faith in us as among the first Unnamed Publisher authors. Many thanks to Andrea Meyer, Sharon Koch, Pamela Tierney, Dean Scott Dawson, and Portland State University for supporting our work.

We would also like to thank the following colleagues whose comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improving the material helped make this a better text:

Cheryl Adkins, Longwood University

Sid Barsuk, Governors State University

Carrie Blair, College of Charleston

Pamela Buckle Henning, Adelphi University

Claudia Cogliser, Texas Tech

Leslie Connell, University of Central Florida

Donald Dahlin, The University of South Dakota

Deborah Good, University of Pittsburgh

Gideon Falk, Purdue University, Calumet

David Futrell, Butler University

Bruce Gillies, California Lutheran University

Michael Hadani, Long Island University, CW Post Campus

Jeff Haldeman, Webster University

Kathy Harris, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Kelly Kilcrease, University of New Hampshire, Manchester

Antoinette S. Knechtges, Eastern Michigan University

Michael Komos, Benedictine University

Damian Lonsdale, University of South Dakota

Don McCormick, California State University, Northridge

Janet Moen, The University of North Dakota

Lorrie Mowry, McCook Community College

Peter Nowak, Boston College, Boston University, Suffolk University

Samuel Rabinowitz, Rutgers University

Gary Renz, Webster University

Brenda Riddick, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Laura Riolli, California State University, Sacramento

Mark Schwiesow, Marquette University

Leslie Shore, Metropolitan State University

Valarie Spiser-Albert, University of Texas at San Antonio

Christy Weer, Salisbury University

Marilyn Wesner, George Washington University

Jim Woodrum, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The authors also appreciate the efforts of those instructors who have contributed to the project with their work on supplementary materials. Deborah Good from the University of Pittsburgh developed the Student Quizzes and the Test Item File, and Frank Markham from Mesa State College, along with his wife Marylin, created the PowerPoint slide presentation.

In addition, two instructors assisted the development of this material by using it in their classrooms. Their input, along with their students’ feedback, has provided us with valuable feedback and confirmation that the material is effective in the classroom:

Pamela Henning, Adelphi University School of Business

Jim Woodrum, University of Wisconsin School of Business

The cadre of copy editors, graphics designers, and technical designers involved in this first-of-its-kind global publishing project also garner our heartfelt thanks. Finally, this book would not have the incredible value and meaning it does without the support and interest of the faculty and students who have commented on early iterations, and will serve to make this ‘their book’ in the many years to come.