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12.7 Appendix B: Critique of Formal Campus or Community Gathering

PLEASE NOTE: This book is currently in draft form; material is not final.

STUDENT’S NAME: __________________________________

Date: __________________________________

I attended a meeting/event of this group: __________________________________

on this date: _________________________ at this location: __________________________________

from ___________ a.m./p.m. to ___________ a.m./p.m.

My Employee Contact was: __________________________________ (Phone): _______________

The subject of the meeting/event was: __________________________________

The purpose of the meeting/event was: __________________________________

Name of the person leading the meeting/event: __________________________________

The person’s title within the group (e.g., president, chair, etc.): __________________________________

The person’s title at our college: __________________________________

At what time was the meeting/event scheduled to begin? __________________________________

At what time did the meeting/event begin? __________________________________

At what time was the meeting/event scheduled to end? __________________________________

At what time did the meeting/event end? __________________________________

Was an agenda used at the meeting/event? ______ YES ______ NO

[If an agenda was used, please attach a copy to this form]

How many people attended the meeting/event? __________________________________

What main topic(s) was/were discussed at the meeting/event? __________________________________

If the group made any decisions, please list them here:

  1. __________________________________
  2. __________________________________
  3. __________________________________

What method(s) did the group use to make its decision(s)?:

______ Voice vote ______ Written voting ______ Consensus (“We all agree that XYZ”)

______ Other: __________________________________

______ Unsure of method

What particularly effective words, actions, stories, examples, or arguments stick in your mind from the event/activity?

Please place an “X” on the following scales to show your evaluation of the meeting/event:

Boring |______|______|______|______|______| Fascinating

Chaotic |______|______|______|______|______|| Well-Organized

Unintelligible |______|______|______|______|______| Clear / Easy to Understand

Routine |______|______|______|______|______| Controversial

The event/activity could have been improved by...

This is what I learned from the meeting/event that will make me a better student, employee, or citizen:

Other comments about the meeting/event: